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Medicinal Plants

Use Nettle For Your Hair to Stop Hair Loss and Promote Hair Growth

NewsUse Nettle For Your Hair to Stop Hair Loss and Promote Hair Growth Hair loss can be frustrating and embarrassing, especially if it happens at a young age. Balding may be due to the natural aging process, but it can also be hereditary or due to certain medications or medical conditions, stress, scalp infections, or poor nutrition. While there are no cures for balding there are ways to stop hair loss. Both medical and herbal treatments can improve the growth and health of hair. Nettle is an herb that has been used for centuries to treat various conditions, including asthma, kidney infections, coughs, anemia and colds. Nettle roots and leaves have been used to lower blood pressure, speed up healing, and improve digestion. Despite its stinging hairs, nettle cooks up into a nutritious green, similar to spinach. Roman warriors brushed up against the plant to warm their legs. Today the most popular use of nettle is to treat hair loss. Nettle grows two to three feet tall, and has dark green leaves. Tiny white stinging hairs cover parts of the plant, hence the nickname "stinging nettle." The plant has a mildly irritating effect, causing skin irritation or allergic reaction in some people. The plant's hairs contain active ingredients that act as gentle irritants and affect nerve cells, which is most likely what stimulates hair growth on people. The roots and leaves of the nettle plant hold the valued natural properties. Nettle acts as a hair tonic and growth stimulant, restoring luster, color, and beauty to hair. It improves the health of skin, scalp, and hair; strengthens weakened hair follicles; and removes dandruff. The tingling or stinging sensation of the nettle increases blood flow, which is what improves hair growth. Nettle can be taken internally as a tea or tincture or fresh herb added to salads and other foods. Natural food stores carry nettle in tea bags, loose tea mixes, and capsules and as extracts. Many herbal hair products like shampoos and conditioners contain nettle for external application to the skin and scalp. Like many herbal treatments, nettle takes time to do its magic; it's not an overnight fix. Results vary among individuals, but people who frequently use nettle hair products often see results within three to six months. Also like many herbs, nettle has side effects. Fresh nettle can cause irritation, hives, or an allergic reaction in susceptible people. Taken internally it can cause upset stomach, burning, bloating, and difficulty urinating. Because nettle causes water retention, internal use is not recommended for people with heart of kidney problems. Nettle, taken internally, can alter the menstrual cycle, making it an unwise choice for women who want to get pregnant. Nettle could also interact with medical treatments and medications. That's why it's important to consult a medical care provider before taking nettle internally. While there is no surefire remedy for hair loss, many people have found that products made from or containing nettle do help stimulate the growth of hair. Using nettles in natural hair products, such as nettle shampoo, is a gentle way to promote hair growth without chemicals or expensive medical treatments. Chris Robertson is an author of Majon International, one of the worlds MOST popular internet marketing companies on the web. Article Source:
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